The breakfast

Breakfast is important for us!

We make crazy good breakfasts! Or at least we try our best to provide you what we would love to eat before starting our day!


So we have all the classics corn flakes, muesli, dry fruit, coffe, tea, eggs, season fruit, juice and hand made marmalades.

And yes, I have o admit it: we have even unhealthy things like Marmite or Nutella! Sometimes life can be hard and you have to be nice to your tongue…


Depending on the time of the year, we prepare jams and marmalades. Figues, orange, teacher, apricots… all made with less sugar possible and no other ingredients than fruit. Than depending on our mood, we try to find something special, so that every morning you have a nice reason to wake up. We make breakfast on the same big table. It is a good moment to know new people, if you are in the right mood! It happened more than once that some people met here and started a super good relationship that lasts way after the end of the holiday!

Every morning Riky goes to the backer to grab some fresh bread. We also take care of people having intolerances or other problems, just let us know!


Those pictures are not a “sample”, they are real.

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