FAQ -frequently asked questions

Should I hire a car?

If you want a nice holiday in Sardinia, you need a car. If you want an active holiday in Sardinia, you need a car.

Like it or not, that’s it.

If you want a rucksack holiday, expect to waste a lot of time, and forget to find an easy access to many of the island wonders. Public transportation is “ok” to move from one town to another, but don’t think you can access to the trekking-climbing or beaches. Simply it does not work. If booked in advance, rentals have good prices. Prefer a slightly high one, like a Panda. There are a lot of white roads to get to to the most beautiful places.

Has The Lemon House access for disabled persons?

Yes, the ground floor room has been built for wheel chair access, same for the toilet and the dining room.

How far are you from the beach?

The nearest beach is 1,4 km from our house.

Is The Lemon House a hostel?

No, it’s a little hotel, with four rooms. Dedicated and managed for people who enjoy active holidays combined with the beauty of the beaches in Sardinia!

Is there any shop in the nearby?

Lotzorai is a small village, and there are 2 food markets, two butchers, a bakery, a cash machine and others not more than 5 minutes walking from the house.

Is it possible to cook dinner in your house?

It is possible to eat in the house, but not to cook. It is a guesthouse where the kitchen is considered as a restaurant one. The public can not access it due to health and safety laws. It is possible to prepare sandwiches or eat take away food (pizza or others). We also organize dinners on request. And you can use the beautiful terrace s well.

Where do I go to eat in the night?

There are several places. I always recommend the Pizzeria il Castello because it is of a friend of mine, it’s cheap and you can go walking from The Lemon House. At the Ferreli bakery they also serve food, as well as at Aragosta, where the sea food is excellent but maybe the service a little bit too long…. There are many restaurants in Santa Maria Navarrese and Tortolì. At Tancau is one of my favorite as well as Carreras in Santa Maria makes remarkable grilled fishes! Also close to our place there is a “secret” one that makes typical Sardinian food. Just ask us!

Do you guide people in climbing or hiking?

Yes, we just started a Mountain Guides Company of UIAGM (Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagnes) called Ogliastra Outdoor Paradise. Link here. Thank sometimes it happens that we go climbing or hiking with guests, but that has not to be intended as guiding. We do it for the pleasure of sharing the time together.

Do you organize or book something for non-guests?

No, our income comes from the b&b, we don’t charge anything for our logistic help or booking or whatever. We want to give unforced tips and real advices. As you will see from the reviews, we offer a reliable service of infos and tips. But we are not the Sardinian outdoor info point. Maybe in the future, but not now! 😉

How will the weather be in  Febbrember?

I don’t know. That’s my answer. As a statistic I have been climbing here in t-shirt for the last 10 years for New Years Eve holiday. This winter it was warm, last winter freezing… On the same hand, in February I started with the kayak. This means: there is always something to do, or the right place to do it. I never spent a day at home because of the weather conditions!