The Lemon house little shop

Stooop! It’s not a shop! It’s that we buy things that we think could be useful for our guests and we sell them for the same price! We are not the greatest businessman in the world, but that’s it…

So: what we have is something to eat, some guidebooks and maps, camping gas… and some good wine!

 Cliff bar, the most popular American energy bar for climbing and trekking 2.50 euros, different flavors


We are wine lovers. Our guests always ask where to buy some good wine… here you are! After a serious quest for the best one, that costed us a lot of money and several unwanted headaches, we fount it. It’s a little cellar from Triei, a small village 5 km from Lotzorai. They produce small quantity of very high quality wines, a red wine called Amanthosu, a white one and a sweet one. All of them are approved by us! (from 8.50 to 10 Euros a bottle)


 For those who want to go for the Selvaggio Blu or some other multiple day trekking, we sell the travellunch plastic bags. The key for success is being light. This is light. All the rest might be more tasty, nice or whatever. This is efficient. I tried those in many years of exploration and climbing expeditions. This is the reason why they are here.  (10 euros a bag)


 We obviously have all kinds of camping gas, so far it is illegal to bring them on an aircraft… 5 to 10 euros

Top trekking of Sardinia. We still have 3 or 4 to sell.

Mounain biking in Sardinia, the ultimate MTB guidebook. Italian, English or German, with gpx trails to download. 33 euros.