Photography is my life

Almost all the pictures you see in this website have been made by myself.

Not to be arrogant, but I am a decently known outdoor photographer, and I work on regular base for the most important outdoor brands like La Sportiva, CAMP, The North Face, Adidas and others.

On request I organize outdoor or landscape workshops, of one day or more into deep workshops of three days. You can send me a request, and I will organize everything for groups of 2 minimum.

1 Day workshop are useful to improve your photography skills, to learn how to use at best your device, to learn how to organize the shooting of your best pictures


3 days workshop are a more “into deep” approach to photography, from the ABC of the camera to the shooting strategies to the Lightroom postproduction. Organizations of the ideas, shooting in different locations, night and day, examples, postproduction and learning from good things and mistakes.