Mountain guides

We are not mountain guides! This means that we can not be paid to bring customers to climb or wherever the situation is related to rope access or mountain environment. And in Sardinia here is only one mountain guide, in Nebida (South west), Marco Bigatti, a really good one!

Why do I say something like this? Because it’s a serious problem. Serious because there are a lot of “pretending to be” mountain guides that take people to climb, to trek or do “dangerous” activities. This does not mean that they are not good enough. This means simply that in case of problems or worse,  they are not covered by any insurance!

So, be aware of the fact that the Italian law does not allow people to work as guides on a rope access terrain if they are not UIAGM Mountain Guides.

Sometimes, if I decide that my guests are enough experienced climbers, I go climbing with them, but that is about friendship, and no money is involved.  We simply know each other and we climb together.

So what?

We decided it was time to create a side project to get rid of this problem. And now is ready. We took some mountain guides here, spent months with them to show the territory and… now you have a service!